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Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide by Rebecca Eanes

Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide written by Rebecca Eanes is a much needed breath of fresh air in the world of parenting guidebooks. This guide is perfect for parents struggling with constant behavioral issues or yelling, difficulties connecting emotionally with their children, or parents just looking for a better way to interact with their child. Brainfruit has many wonderful insights about the ways that connecting with children by being emotionally aware at every stage of development can be beneficial for parents and children alike. Her experience of blogging about raising two children clearly shines through in this guide, making it a must-have for parents of children of all ages.


Eanes writes a lot about the many ways in which forming a meaningful connection with one’s children can be achieved, and the positive benefits thereof. Positive Parenting is one of the best resources for parents who have found it difficult to connect an emotional level with their children. The advice in this book has the potential to change lives, so much that it should even be read by parents who do not feel that they struggle with connecting with their children. The idea that meaningful connection is integral to a healthy and happy home is one of many important contributions that this guide makes to the world of parenting. 


Positive Parenting is the single most emotionally aware parenting self-help guide available on the market to date. The emphasis on understanding and reacting to the emotions of your child has profound implications of the way that we raise our children. Eanes does an amazing job of demonstrating why it is important to listen to our children’s thoughts and feelings while maintaining a sense of authority and setting clear boundaries. Not many guides are able to bridge the gap between clear emotional understanding and behavioral patterns, but this one does it with style and ease.


There is an abundance of information in Positive Parenting about the many ways in which a parent can connect emotionally with their children through each developmental stage. This is important because the methods used to interact with children need to grow and develop with the child. The ways in which one would interact with a 3-year-old are vastly different than the way a 10-year-old needs to be treated. This becomes clear through Eanes detailed explanations of the various ways a parent can connect emotionally with their children along each stage of developmental growth.


To put it in simple words, Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide is the single best parenting book available to date. Parents should consult this book regardless of whether or not their children are exhibiting behavioral problems. Everyone can benefit from the well-written and heartfelt advice given throughout this guide.Whether you have one child or six, Positive Parenting has the potential to transform the way you approach parenting forever.

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King Racing Shocks For Toyota Tacoma, Tundra and 4-Runner Brands

King shocks for Toyota brands like the Tundra, Forerunner and Tacoma will experience unparalleled levels of performance and ride quality. Each suspension system has been subjected to real-world testing to ensure optimal damping curve and spring rate for your truck.

For a long time now King shock technology has been referred to as the prime Off Road Racing Shock company. In part, it is thanks to their innovative design processes and unwavering devotion to spending numerous hours on developing better shocks. Wheelers Off Road can attest to this fact as one of the favorite suspension aftermarket suppliers who do their best to furnish their supporters with the best suspension systems.

These guys are supportive of various Toyota brands, including the famous Toyota 4-Runner that sports the King Performance Kit thereby offering superior on and off-road driving capabilities. What is more, owners of this vehicle will find it a breeze to install the kit and experience top performance to surpass their wildest expectations.

King Shocks and Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra discovered the wisdom in having King shocks fitted because lightweight aluminum alloy reservoirs quickly dissipate heat and will not easily rust from gas contamination.They are super impressed with heat treated alloy pistons that seem to contribute to the damping performance that make King suspension units so unique. In turn, high-quality fittings used are mated to state-of-the-art pressure hoses to prevent any linking and resist abrasion.

Also, the wear bands are manufactured using a Rulon composite. What it does is that holds the promise of superior wear resistance as well as high compressive strength. Furthermore, the shock’s body features an internally threaded top cap design that ensures maximum piston travel. What is nice is the larger than life hard chromed and micro polished shafts featuring 3/4 inch or 7/8 inch shafts with a tensile strength consisting of a 100 000 pounds per square inch.

Toyota Tundra owners are stoked when they realize to what extent King has gone to bring them shock cylinders that are not just out of this world, but also, precision bored, honed once cadmium playing was applied to get rid of any possible buildup thereby ensuring optimum valving function.

The beauty of making use of King technology is that Toyota Tundra owners can look forward to high-end shock absorbers lined with spherical bearings sporting a very long life due to no metal to metal



To top that, high-quality Coilover type shocks are machined using a truncated thread design to ensure ultimate strength.

Components and vehicle mounts are machined from aircraft quality billet. Tundra owners love it that all front and rear suspension kits include all the necessary mounting brackets together with detailed instructions. Dealers like Wheelers Off Road provide technical support whenever it’s needed.

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King Racing Shocks 2005+ Toyota Tacoma

coil over shocks for Tacoma matches the needs of Toyota Tacoma owners perfectly. What they excel at is building front coil overs that are race specific. Tacoma truck owners are more than happy that King offers an Upgrade Kit that requires absolutely no cutting or welding of any sort. On top of that, this kit offers and adjustable ride height for a super impressive road handling and ride quality.

It is truly comforting to know that the technicians at King’s are on standby to answer any question or concerns during and after installation. Also, the racing shock kits are ready to bolt into your Tacoma. If your SUV or truck is running on aftermarket suspension, then you can always opt for custom made length rod ends. All you need to do is contact Wheelers Off Road for more information.

As an alternative King Shocks for racing purposes offer upgrading facilities for the rear suspension of your Tacoma as well. It is nice to know that the Rear Kits provide as much as 15 more usable suspension travel.

Improved Performance is Experienced Thanks to King Shocks

Toyota owners have come to love and respect King Off-Road Racing Shocks. Every edition is eagerly awaited so they can try it out on or off the street. It is extremely reassuring to know that each kit was subjected to brutal testing to ensure the best experience for SUV, Jeep and truck owners. Every shock produced are made from the same top end quality materials and adhere to stringent tolerance levels. No wonder Wheelers Off Road sing its praises. All King Racing Coilovers & Shocks are available at